Mentoring Mission

  • training scientists and engineers who will play pivotal roles in academic, industrial, organizational, and governmental entities
  • developing and honing mentorship skills within each group member to facilitate the training of new students
  • fostering a group of colleagues who will engage in collaborative and transparent science and engineering

On Equity

  • A top priority is to ensure that all trainees feel welcome, safe, and that they belong in the group.
  • All trainees are supported individually, specific to their background and experience, so they may be on equitable footing.
  • Trainees are welcome from all genders, ethnicities, socioeconomic environments, and other protected (and nonprotected) classes.
    • particularly those traditionally underrepresented in STEM

Stanford Trainee Openings

Graduate students

The group generally welcomes rotation students throughout the year. Common PhD programs are Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering, and Neurosciences; but all interested students are welcome.

In general, most Stanford programs do not admit graduate students directly to research groups, but to PhD programs. Potential students with an interest in the group are encouraged to apply to a PhD program in Bioengineering or Electrical Engineering for the best chance of admission. To maximize the chance of admission to any PhD program at Stanford, it is advised to check the option that permits sharing the application with other programs.

Undergraduate students

The best time for undergraduate involvement is in the summer through a research internship. The group generally offers REU opportunities for Stanford undergraduate students through Bioengineering and Electrical Engineering. Interested students are encouraged to apply to both programs to maximize their chance of working with the group.

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