Teaching Mission

  • encouraging every student to approach learning with a growth mindset
  • delivering instruction with patience and skill-appropriate guidance to optimize learning
  • developing teaching skills of trainees to support class- and lab-based instruction

Teaching Philosophy

  • Anyone can learn anything they put sincere effort towards.
    • The key to successful learning is the courage to keep trying.
  • The answer to a problem is irrelevant.
    • The right reasoning is immeasurably more important than the right answer.
    • Arguments are important, not answers.
    • The key is to develop a sound approach towards, and reasonable justification of, an answer.
  • Conceptual intuition persists and should be the focus of learning.
    • Details are unretainable without developing a guiding intuition.

Courses Offered

  • BIOE 300B: Quantitative Physiology - The first course of the Bioengineering graduate core curriculum. Offered yearly in the Fall.
  • BIOE 301P: Research Data & Computation - A Bioengineering graduate core lab course focusing on data management and processing. Offered yearly in the Spring.

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